Super J Cup Tournament: Pegasus Kid Vs. Black Tiger
NJPW Super J Cup - April 16th, 1994

If those names don’t sound familiar, maybe these two will: Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero. When Eddie and Chris met in Japan, the two were essentially rookies in a sport that had still not broken through to ‘smaller’ superstars. Yet, with no small amount of persistence and passion, Guerrero and Benoit helped become a part of the revolution that broke the mold. This is one of their first encounters and the one that Eddie claimed began their friendship. Both men pull out some classic spots, and introduce the Japanese audience to their own respective brands of professional wrestling as part of NJPW’s prestigious Super J Cup.

Listen for the crowd when Black Tiger pulls out the Hilo, and when Benoit reverses a hold into a reverse vertical suplex. It’s so rad to watch these matches where guys are pulling out moves that are essentially now par for the course, but at the time, were revolutionary. God, I miss Benoit’s German suplexes!